House & garden on a steep terrain

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  • Living on a steep terrain

    Location: Bulgaria, Sofia, Vitosha mountain
    Plot area: 1166 sq.m
    Investor:  Private
    Year: 2010

    The house is set on a steep slope with magnificent views of the surrounding landscape. It is spread over two levels due to the slope of the land. The upper floor contains the bedrooms and has direct access to the upper level of the garden on west. The first floor contains the kitchen, the living room, the office and the storage. In order to take full advantage of the great views, the first floor façade is made entirely of glass and the recess in the living room make it possible to open up into a large terrace with a swimming pool. The front garden is linked to the rear of the house by steps that pass by a large green terrace. The green space is designed to create various spaces for leisure and relaxation. With a play of perspectives, it takes the fullest advantage of the landscape.