HBL | High bay luminaire

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  • HBL is a suspension luminaire for application in large distances, ideal for sporting and/or industrial pavilions being this favored by its high mechanical strength and performance. Formally, this luminaire was designed to avoid accumulations of dust when applied in industrial environments, serving itself from its organic ability for the purpose. The suspension of the luminaire was developed and adapted in consistency with the lines of the body of the luminaire respecting their formal language, while not preventing their actual function, the longitudinal adjustment of the suspension. The mastery of this luminaire design is clearly manifested by the concern to ally all the technical/creative process to the process of assembling and maintenance of the luminaire, complementing the technical value of the product by its easily assembly and maintenance.
  • The industrial luminaire HBL emerges as an evolution of what is presented to us on the market today. The harmony between the conceptual and technical vision inspired in a solid, clearand efficient design gives this product the necessary skills and values to a successful design.
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