Branding: Galleria Anatome Milano

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    Brand design for Anatome Gallery
    This is my thesis project for my last laboratory at Communication Design faculty at Politecnico di Milano 2010/2011, with professors Francesco E. Guida, Fulvia Bleu and Gianfranco Torri.
    We imagined to create the communication for a french gallery (Anatome, Paris) moving to Milano. I did the logo for the gallery, then the communication for an exhibit about Maciej Buszewicz, polish graphic designer, Un Sedicesimo, the press kit, promotional posters and postcards.
  • 1. Logo
    The Gallery Logo was inspired from the lights used in exhibitions to light up the works. 
    So I did an interlacement of the three RGB colors using a different type of line for each one to create an optical effect with moirè pattern (
  • 2. Poster
    After analysis of the designer, I've made this poster. The concept is referring to the style of Buszewicz, wich use collage, photo, old type to create his works.
  • Thanks to Paola Ferrario for her "support"! 
  • 3. Un sedicesimo
    The "Sedicesimo" ( was related to the poster's idea of create a puppet by merging 3 different parts. It's placed in an envelope made with brown wrapping paper.
    Leafing the pages you can create different characters by your choice.
  • 4. Press kit
    In the images you can see how does the presskit works: the content can be pulled out pushing the side.
    Leaving the papers, the Gallery's Brand comes out on the background.
  • 5. Postcard