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  • Graduation collection
    about human anatomy
  •   This is MA Graduation Collection presented in Kiev, Ukraine in 2010. As a inspiration source I`ve used an Anatomical Illustration book initially published in 18th century, those illustrations inspired me a lot.
      I am generally interested in the subject of natural constructions and bionics (the study of using natural mechanisms in human inventions). In my design pieces I`ve used principles of Nature: some details are passing one through another, some of them transformed into others, interacted one with an other, as it`s usually happens in Nature.
      All the prints has a certain symbolic — parts of human depicted as anatomical illustrations has been used as a working material.The footwear collection was designed by me at the first time. I wanted to show how we are built, especially a human inner structure, besides, I realized that anatomy could be a never-ending source of inspiration.

    Date of collection presentation — 10th July, 2010.

    photo, camera - cate underwood
    styling - venya brykalin
    make-up/hair:  sasha - natasha podgornaya
                               roma - marina sereda