Essentials: Men's Fashion Special

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  • client: Self Initiated
    nature: Art Direction
    A men's fashion series featuring five guys with their own unique styles. 
    All clothes and styling, the model's own. 
    Photography by Fabian Villa & Steven Casanova at Essentials Studio
    Art Direction by Sixto-Juan Zavala. 

  • Bobby Britton

    Occupation: Free spirit 
    Personal Style: I throw on whatever and make it work
    Location: 1906 Gallery

  • Taylor Brice

    Occupation: Bartender at Alamo Street Eat Bar
    Personal Style: I have multiple influences from vintage, goth, modern street, dressy with a consistent cohesive color scheme. I'm constantly accessorizing with every outfit with socks, belts, hats, bracelets and necklaces. It's an extension of my current mood of that day. It completes me.
    Location: Peacock Alley
  • Jeff Palacios

    Occupation: Local Artist/Musician/Spiritual Enthusiasts/ Tech support for CitiBank/ Rebel with a Cause/ Chihuahua lover/ professional hot air balloon rider/ Dork
    Personal Style: Classy, clean cut, chill, relaxed, simplicity is keen
    Location: San Antonio Central Library
  • Carlos Serrano

    Occupation: Architecture Student
    Personal Style: I like to think that I'm constantly evolving as a person and my style follows suit. However, regardless of the change, I like juxtaposing elements: feminine/masculine, past/future, urban/dapper.
    Location: Architectural Antiques
  • Daniel Large

    Occupation: Research Administration, Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center
    Personal Style: With my personal style I try to keep things minimal and sleek, balancing comfort and polish. Most days give me a t-shirt and pants and I'm in my preferred element.
    Location: Architectural Antiques