Echo Hunting

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  • The big microphone is recording every little noise: someone is bathing in the pool-room while the old ruins are laying down on the pool bottom close to more recent memories; an alternative energy is giving life to something or to everything and monkeys are evolving in a musical way, wasting pink paint that someone would like to reuse; air conditioned is blowing and tulips are falling on the ceiling; a guitar is playing itself somewhere trying not to disturb an invisible reader in the books room; the engine is switched on, waiting to drive away in the World and a slight vibration of impatience shakes the glass of the bottles; the old carousel seems to move because of a strange rusty crackling, but it's probably an hallucination, and the actress will be finally back, after the tea will be ready and not too hot. The astronaut, the explorer, will bring at home and share the recording, as unique image of his discover.
    Mixed media illustration, made with pencils, markers, collage, digital painting, 2011.
    Used for the musical album "Quattordici" by Area 14.