• Ebony & Ivory branding mockup.

    “As a designer, I understand the importance of presentation. Ebony & Ivory is a clean and simple branding mockup series to present your design in an elegant and professional manner. This is my work. This is my contribution.”

    Ebony & Ivory Branding Mockup | Download | 1.99 GB | MAC OS X & Windows
  • Detailed stationery | 4500 x 2912 | 300 dpi | Custom Color adjustment layers for every asset.
  • Labeled stationery | "Smart Objects" for easy placement of design in Adobe Photoshop.
  • Eleven different views & combinations of common stationery assets tailored to suit international standard dimensions.
  • Resources provided are free for personal & commercial projects. No attribution required. License file provided.
  • Editable background color | Extensive manual including instructions on how to use the mockup.
  • Seamless paper texture in order to achieve a photo-realistic quality to your mockups.
  • "Ebony and Ivory is a clean and simple branding mockup series created by Shaan Shiv Suleman to present your designs to clients in a professional and elegant manner. The mockups consist of pretty much everything you will need to create a basic visual identity guide." - Abduzeedo

    "Mockups have become wonderful tools that facilitate the work of every designer when presenting their projects to clients. Designer Shaan Shiv Suleman is aware of the value of these instruments to show a prototype of a brand with its different applications and so he has decided to create his own series of branding mockups. Best of all, he has decided to put it out for free. Ebony & Ivory Branding Mockup created by Indian designer Shaan Shiv Suleman is perfect for making your corporate branding presentations. “As a designer, I understand the importance of presentation when it comes to clients. Ebony & Ivory is a clean and simple branding mockup series to present your designs to clients in a professional and elegant manner." says Shaan Shiv Suleman, who decided to make it available to the design community for free. "This is my work, this is my contribution," he concludes.  - gràffica info

    "Here something you will really love, I know I do. The Ebony & Ivory Branding Mockup that’s released by Shaan Shiv Suleman is a simple stationery mock-up series that you can utilize for your next presentation of your branding designs. Even more impressive the package contains 22 PSD files in high-resolution." - Tech & All

    "Simple and elegant Branding is a must for every designer or freelancer. The following Photoshop [PSD] files of Ebony and Ivory branding mockups are in retina clarity and free for download. We are really excited to feature our Indian designer who created this professional premium mockup series and gave it for free." - Animhut