•  Diploma project
  •  The title of my Diploma is „Biomechanics“. It’s a discourse on human organism and mechanics. I took a sheet of paper, a pencil and rendered the surface of human body juxtaposed with the elements of its constitution: carcass (skeleton), ribs, lungs and spine. You can notice not only fragments of the human origin but also of birds and fish. Emphasizing gender markers of the female body, I also tasked myself with entertaining the spectator’s fantasy, adding a slight element of exposure. Simple construction and fabrics with high wearability were one of my main points.

    In addition I cooperated with Julia Kamakova, shoe designer. We created a shoe collection for Biomechanics.
  • Photographer: Sergey Artemiev
  • Photographer:    Alena Kuzmina
    Postproduction: Luca Meneghel
    Makeup artist:    Christina Vertyagina
    Hairdresser:       Alena Shchepina
    Models:               Yana Kalinina
                                  Liza Odinokih
                                  Nastya Zyryanova
     ,                            Anna Keshkova
  • Photographer:     Alena Kuzmina
    Postproduction:  Luca Meneghel
    Makeup artist:     Christina Vertyagina
    Hairdresser:       Alena Shchepina
    Stylist :                  Asia Zhenishek
    Accessories:       Sasha & Pasha
    Models:                Yana Kalinina
                                   Liza Odinokih
                                   Nastya Zyryanova
                                   Anna Keshkova