A water journey

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    I think in a certain way people can be compared to water. They can erupt from a glacier, drift as an iceberg into the deep oceans, melt and flow further into warm seas. Then thrive through a cold mountain river to be again frozen up in a glacier. We are like water of different temperatures and compositions. We want to twirl around and exchange cultures.
    I searched for balance between strength and tenderness using silk with wool and leather kept in colors of the land.
    A person that is strong in spirit can be trembling inside. But maybe a balance can be found when tenderness and strength become equal. Her quests, sense of confidence and freedom became the main actor in this photo shoot.
  • Designer / Yuli Chulkova
    Photographer / Oleg Makoseev
    Makeup artist / Maria Lazareva
    Model / Polina Petrova-Polyarnaya