• SBA1100 and SBA1200
  • These iconic little speakers pack a lot of great sound in a small package. They were designed to replace aging but very successful speakers in the Philips lineup. We needed to add a bit of iconic style, reduce the size, and increase the quality of the materials. We deconstructed the speaker and started over with its elements. We're fans of music here at Distil and we've always loved the icon of the speaker cone. Why hide it? ¬†Magnify it! So we did. We shaped the speaker grill in to a great little reminder of what is beneath it and we were delighted with the results.

    For the SBA1200, we rethought the cable management and created a clean little object that nests to form a little ball that you can throw in your bag or store on your desk.  It protects the speaker grill in traveling and declutters your cable mess. We provide all the cable you need for good stereo separation.