• "Cumulus"
    For the past 20 years Françoise Pendville has designed coats, jackets and waterproofs which have become the trademark of her collections ;
    In 2012 Françoise decided to launch a new line of coats which can be worn throughout the year.
    Francoise’s love for exquisite materials are again visible in this new line named CUMULUS.
    Client: Cumulus
  • We got some shoots for the model, some elements they would like to see / feel (Urban, city, mobility, street, move, umbrella, bycicle, ...), and a super nice briefing: ENJOY
    So we do !
  • Never easy to know when you have to stop... we do here !
  • Some details:
  • After the winter... summer time ! Same way to work :)
  • Great artwork by Arnaud Beelen
  • Thank you for watching.
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