Пивзавод №1
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    Пивзавод №1
Campaign pictures for Пивзавод №1 Kazakhstan

Agency: Pop Kultura Kazakhstan
Producer: Ekaterina Duda
Great layouts we get from Pop Kultura agency
It was so  fun to find solutions to make those pictures !
Sea picture is completly shooted by ourselves. We found a nice spot in Marseille for sea and rocks. Bottle, boat and people have been shooted in our studio.
Unfortunatly, no time to go and shoot moutains (it' s shitty we don't have in Belgium) for second pictures, it's based on stockshot, we shoot the peoples in our studio.
The plane: 2 hours to rest :)
Then some boat... on raging sea !
And here we are !
People in our studio (Thanks to Yuri and Hen).
And... a boat :)
Moutain visual: some retouching steps
Climbing shoots
Campaign published on billboards in Kazakhstan

Thank you for watching.
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