Cost to Cost – Holidays for all budgets

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  • Cost to Cost - Holidays for all budgets
    LaLettura, Corriere della Sera
  • Cost to Cost – Holydays for all budgets is a visualization we did for LaLettura, the cultural weekly magazine of Corriere della Sera.
    The visualization represent a world map where the position of the different cities is not based on the real distance but on the price of low-cost flights from Italy and the cost of 3 nights in hotel during the week of Christmas.
    The result is a map completely different from the “real” one but maybe closer to the modern idea of travelling and spaces.

    Project made at DensityDesign Research Lab
    See the visualizations in high definition here
    Scientific Coordinator
    Paolo Ciuccarelli
    Project Leader
  • The process: from Processing to the final visualization realised in Illustrator
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