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Infographics & Illustrations - The Outpost #01

The Possibility of Moving Forward
Stories about transport, movement, and evolution in the Arab World
Editor-in-Chief: Ibrahim Nehme
Editorial Design: Rifle
This issue of The Outpost explores stories about transport, movement, and evolution in the Arab World. We were commissioned to create infographics and illustrations for three articles.
Illustration by Diego Mir
The Movement of Money in Lebanon - Keeping the financial system safe

We mapped out the global centers of financial secrecy based on the Financial Secrecy Index, which ranks countries according to their level of financial secrecy and their share of offshore financial services. We then classified each jurisdiction based in its level of concern for money laundering and financial crimes as they are listed on the 2012 International Narcotics Strategy Report.
This graph represents the number of cases of fraud and money laundering reported to the Lebanese Investigating Commission from 2002 to 2011. 
Controlling Bodies - Sex, the internet and censoring Jordan
This first table represents the freedom of the internet in 2012 using data published by Freedom House. This comprehensive study rates internet freedom around the globe. Ratings are determined through an examination of three broad categories, which serve as the basis for an internet freedom categorization of Free (0-30 points), Partly Free (31-60 points), or Not Free (61-100 points).
This map represents the freedom of the press in 2012 based on a yearly report by Freedom House that measures the level of freedom and editorial independence of the press in nations around the world.
Moving Out of Poverty - Why Microfinance isn't working in Palestine
Graphs representing data about mircrofinance in the Arab World.
An illustrated explanation of the Grameen Model of microfinance.
This graph shows the number of clients that each institution has destributed by georgraphical area in Palestine and gender of the client.
Infographics & Illustrations - The Outpost #01

Infographics & Illustrations - The Outpost #01

This issue of The Outpost explores stories about transport, movement, and evolution in the Arab World. We were commissioned to create infographic Read More