Communication campaign (typography day)

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    Typography day 
    Project: Communication Campaign    Purpose: Curriculum project

  • A typography event is organized every year by design institutes in India.This event is organised to create awareness about typography among Indians.
    Target audience: Design students, design professionals and all typography enthusiasts.
    Objective: To create curiosity towards typography and to promote font design.
  • The colour palette and the final identity
  • Designed Posters, using the existing language and fonts of famous music artists and TV shows with interesting copy. In an attempt to create a connection between the audience and typography, With the hope that typography enthusiasts will be intrigued.
  • "What's your type" (pun intended) will be a stencil which can be cut out from the magazine it can also be used to create fonts using the grid given below.
  • In a magazine supplement a tracing paper is used to reveal the fact that "arial was inspired by helvetica".
  • Each participant will receive a font identity card which will act as a pass for all 3 day's. These passes can be later exchanged and hence act as collectibles.
  • Since we all end up losing the schedule at such events after the end of the first day itself, I deicded to print the schedule on a wrap-around plastic band.
  • An installation based on the popular weight and height machines commonly found at Indian railway stations. Instead of giving the height and weight of the user, it will give a slip with a font and a fact based on the user's BMI.To be placed at the 'typography day' event venue.
  • Alphabets made out of glass to be placed at the venue suggesting that typography is a reflection of your surroundings and each individual can create his or her own personalized type.
  • The bag comes with a printed grid, which the event attendees are supposed to write on. Since people attend such events for networking purposes too, this bag can help break the ice and start a conversation.

    eg. my name is "Veronika" & i love "Cooper black".