Cocktail glass

Project: Packaging    Purpose: Curriculum project
The task given to my team which consisted of a graphics and product student was to design a packaging for cocktail glasses.

Problems (found in the existing packaging): The packaging does not hold the glass in its place, which damages the product. The existing packaging involves too many steps of production.

Objective: To design a packaging for 4 glasses, to make sure the product does not get damaged even if dropped from a good height and to reduce its steps of production.

The concept was to suspend the glass to reduce the impact of the fall.
We also designed an entire box that can be made using only one corrugated 3 ply sheet.
Testing : The packaging was repeatedly dropped from a height of 7ft, which led to absolutely no damage, not even a single scratch or crack.
This project was featured at the Behance Portfolio Review week held in Pune in May, 2013.