Characters with an Edge 2

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  • Hey everyone, this is another one of my character portfolio's. 
    In this body of work, I stress the shape, color, and fun of each piece.
    Shapes of an overall piece really determine what the illustration is being used for. 
    My color's usually express a vibrant and youthful tone. 

    Most of these pieces were for:
    Stickers, Posters, Logo's, Fine art, Commercial Art, and Games.
  • "Twisted Souls"
    This piece is a fully colored sketch in the works.

  • This piece is a stylized approach to that classic internet wolf picture.
    The one showing a wolf extremely wild, mouth open, and in the midst of winter's element. 
    The animal's pose captures and engages you instantly, I know most people will recognize what I am talking about. A public picture, remixed to my vision!