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    Commissioned logo design. In this post I not only show the finished piece, but my process as well.
Saltzman's Watches 
logo by kyle machado
The first 2 posts are sketches.
I always do a ton of experiments before I figure out a style and mood.
It was a bit unorthodox but I even asked the client what type of music they like.
This question turn out to be extremly useful as it helped me discover an overall feel.
The lasts 3 posts include: the final result, a few color schemes , and simplified logo.
Eventually we decided on a font, which I later adjusted to fit a certain look. Putting our 
creative minds together a pocket watch was also included with the logo.

Later it was fun to see what colors could be applied and how many variations we  could 
arrive at using just the "S","W", and watch.
After a few weeks, and everyone happy with the logo,  my work was made into a sign. 
With permission  I took pictures.