Camp Lowell Corporate Center

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  • Tucson, Arizona
  • The Camp Lowell Corporate Center development consists of office and out-patient medical space in two two-story and ten single-story buildings.  A simple site layout allows for easy legibility and visual access for each tenant. Simplicity is revealed in through the use of standing seam rusted roofs, exposed structural steel, and integral color masonry and plaster.

    Property lines divide the buildings into distinct sellable lots, allowing for flexibility in tenant space requirements. Each building was conceived as a simple kit of parts, that can be implemented to vary window and door placements, satisfying different users while maintaining a consistent theme throughout the development. Light gauge steel trusses allow a column free interior and further acknowledge the flexibility inherent in the scheme.

    The Camp Lowell Corporate Center was a joint architectural collaboration between the offices of Rob Paulus Architect, Ltd. and Jim McMahon Architect.


    Tucson Arizona
    Rio West Development
    Rio West Construction Inc.
    75,616 sf
    completion date
  • Ariel Master Plan for the one and two story office condo complex.
  • Site Plan
  • Perspective of 1 story buildings.
  • Rendering of the 2 story complex. Drawing by Rob Paulus.
  • 2-story commplex
  • Camp Lowell entry circle.
  • Parking Lot Elevation of 2-story.
  • Balcony access along the 2-story portion of the complex.
  • Elevator Tower to 2-story connection bridge.
  • Stair tower detail.
  • First Floor Plan
  • Second Floor Plan
  • North Elevation
  • Courtyard Elevation
  • South Elevation
  • Parking Lot Elevation
  • Second 2-story building
  • Atrium
  • 2-story Courtyard
  • Rear Stair
  • Balcony Wall Section
  • Typical Wall Section
  • Balcony Detail
  • Roof Detail