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  • Custom type: SBD Block
    Heb het lef!

    Stoere Binken Design is my own graphic design studio. We redesigned our corporate identity and to celebrate that I created a custom typeface for ourselves. The font should stand out from the competition, who often uses uninteresting corporate typefaces. We wanted something different, masculine and razor sharp.
  • If you are Creative Director ├índ Typographer in one person, it's more than obvious that you create your own corporate typeface. Not many design studios are capable of creating typefaces, let alone commissioning someone to do it for them. So for us this is a huge advantage over our competition.


    The characteristix of our font had to match the design of the (at the time) current website. The image frame with the round corners reflects in the typography. The 'G' for instance is an almost copy of the main image frame.
  • Stencil

    I also created SBD Stencil so we could use it for special products. As graphic designers we crave to be unique and always want to create new things. A stencil font is special and offers lots of interesting possibilities.
  • Your own custom typeface

    Companies make every effort to stand out from their competitors. A custom typeface is a very powerful visual element to position a Brand. They can be made to fit the companies needs and even save money. It's no longer exclusively available to large companies, but can be done at a smaller scale for medium sized companies too.
    I offer creative and highly distinguishable corporate custom typefaces that push your brand to a higher level. I also work in close contact with graphic designers for their clients Brand.

    Contact me for more information or read about the custom type options.

    For sale

    Since the font has served his purpose, I've descided to sell it publicly. If you want to purchase SBD Block, please contact me directly.