Buhel D02 2012

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  • We worked for madeindreams to develop and design D02. This device represents the natural evolution of D01, one of the historical products by Buhel.
    The helmet communication system is a totally new concept in Bluetooth® handsfree helmet communications.

    Using a revolutionary vibration driver, patented, buhel D02-INTERCOM induces the helmet shell itself to create a robust, clear, 3D-like audio inside the helmet. Buhel D02-INTERCOM allows you to phone, listen to the music, get gps information and do conference calls with other six devices D02-INTERCOM up to 700 metres.
    Buhel D02-INTERCOM can be used with any ears covering helmet, it is very easy to fit as it has no wires and no earphones, and it can be removed at any time just rotating and pulling.
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