• Blend - Pendant lamp
  • The dining table is starting to become a working desk, and the lighting needs to adapt to the different situations. I therefore wanted to create lamp where you could adjust the light easily and intuitively. 
  • The direction of the light, the amount of light emitted and the expression of the lamp have been three important factors when creating this lamp. I started by exploring easy and mechanical ways of controlling the light, and was inspired by graphic lines and translucency in materials. 
  • The result was Blend, a pendant lamp where you can rotate the leaves around the light source in order to change the direction and the amount of light emitted.
    The lamp is made of turned oak, sandblasted acrylic plates and lasercut aluminium. 
  • The inspiration moodboard contained mainly
    translucent materials and defined lines
  • Sketching and mocking up ways
    to adjust and control the light.