Arkaden - Get Fabulous

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  • Advertised brand: Arkaden
    Advert title: Mirrors that make you look fab
    Headline: Get fabulousAdvertising Agency: Dragster, Göteborg, Sweden
    Agency website:
    Creative Director: Dan Stendahl
    Art Director: Dan Stendahl
    Copywriter: Catja Björklund
    Illustrator: Caspar Ekwall
    Photographer: Digitalstudion
    Other additional credits: Therese Olander, Petter Jarenskog, MartinJohansson, Martin Joelsson, Maria Melkersson, Jessica Nilsson, FreddyOlsson, Jonas Skoglund.Released: September 2009

    Arkaden is a fashion mall in the centre of Gothenburg.
    The target group are peolpe in the ages 25-35, mostly women.
    In the fall campain for Arkaden the client wanted to show how manygreat trademarks they have. They wanted the target group to visit themall and try on the new fall collections. Maybe, if they’ll trysomeyhing, they’ll buy something.
    We moved the dressing room outside to let people in Gothenburg try theclothes on, out on the street. We made mirrors out of ad shells, andadded cut outs and our message ”Get Fabulous”. We wanted to show ourtarget group that they very easly can get fab, they just need to visitArkaden.