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Copy in english:
One thousand children is born every year whith heart conditions in Sweden.
Let their hearts keep on beating.

Visit www.hjart-lungfonden.se or  donate a gift at Pg: 90 91 92-7.

Copy på Svenska:
Varje år föds tusen barn i Sverige med hjärtfel. Låt barnens hjärtan klappa längre.
Besök www.hjart-lungfonden.se elle ge en gåva på Pg: 90 91 92-7

About Heart-Lung Foundation
The Swedish Heart-Lung Foundation is a charitable fundraising organisation. Heart-Lung Foundation is aiming to conquer the major national diseases of today: heart, lung and vascular diseases.Hundreds of thousands of Swedes are affected by diseases of theheart, blood vessels and lungs. For example, twice as many people diefrom cardio-vascular diseases as do from cancer.