•    Air, water and nicotine. This is a series of portraits for a restaurant in the city of Ryazan. This order is very important and interesting for me. There were no restrictions and the customer was respectful to my work. The basis of three atmospheres impregnated with water, air and nicotine. It was fun to make images of people, when they head home is filled with bizarre imagery and creatures that spontaneously embrace their owners. The color scheme in this series alone, except for nuances in shades. However, saturation details and nuances created because the illustration will occupy a large place in the interior. I hope that I was able to create a sense of sunlight in the water and smoke. 
       I love this project. It was a great job. Thanks to the people that made it possible for me to take it. And I hope that visitors to this establishment will find a detail illustration of something new in the world.