A whole year to explore worlds (calendar 2013)

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  • A trip around the world. A magical world, past and future world. One imaginated, without existence. Different places, different tecnics and ways to see reality. Two artist, twelve images and a whole year to enjoy them....  ("Kuskus - illustration store")
  • Allons enfants! Janvier est une fête. Et il proclame: L´Imagination au Pouvoir!
  • "Half the joy is in talking about she"
  • Small portions of land scattered in the middle of the ocean.
    I have been there. I have distant memories of that place, of those landscapes, those colors.
    I can't remember when it was ...
  •   The combination of whiskey and three leaf clovers do addicts steal socks washing machines. Very dangerous species.
    Be careful!

  • Dear brother,
    Things are fine here. I've missed you all. I feel that they are close, but the weight of distances is increasingly heavier in my heart ...
  •  Someday the man created the steam machine to simulate be in clouds.
    And one day arrived to that place in the same machine....
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