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Tribute to Seiko
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Tribute to vintage, fantastic and futuristic timepieces by Seiko. 
Seiko h-timetron
Seiko h-timetron second edition launched in early 2000's. Model’s theme was space travel, with thoughts on the 21st century and the expectation that space would become even closer to us.
Seiko UC-2000
Seiko UC-2000 was the world's first computer watch released in the early '80s. User could program the watches to run programs written in Microsoft BASIC. With built-in memory and specific terminal attachment to program with QWERTY keyboard. 
Seiko M516 Voice Note
Seiko M516 Voice Note was released in the early '80s, just prior to the release of  The Ghostbusters reboot. Worn as an essential part of the Ghostbusters uniform. It was early days in voice notation so the choice was between an 8-second message and a 4-second message

The Process
Zbrush was a primary tool for sculpting these gems. Brought into Cinema 4d with a touch of Substance Designer. Lighted and rendered with Redshift Render.​​​​​​​
I find these watch designs are fantastic, and feel they still look gorgeous these days.
Inspiration for shapes and volumes come from popular in 80's action figure toys like transformers, and gunpla.​​​​​​​

Thanks For Watching !
Tribute to Seiko