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Bold shapes and colors - craft & art store illustration
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Cool Machine's facets images.
Digital Illustrations for contemporary craft & art online store Cool Machine.
   To celebrate opening new website, in collaboration between Danil Tabacari and Charlotte Taylor, we created six digital illustrations.
portray the world of Cool Machine through texture, colour and sculptural compositions, utilizing the various design objects into complementary collections that each evoke a different facet of Cool Machine.

These images are a tribute to all the fantastic and friendly artists published on the store.

Tulip , Petite Dove & Paper Flower vase II - Argot Studio, France

Le Grand Bleu I & III - Laura Philippon, France

Big arch earnings - Four Eye Ceramics, USA
Gradient fruit bowl by Marilyne Blais, Germany

Plant pot neutral totem - Marissa Masot, Spain
Mug squiggle - Mimi Ceramics, Portland, US
Two part plant pots - Marissa Masot
Tribu terre rouge vase  - Cassandre Bouilly, France
Jarra vase -  ABS Objects Tel Aviv, Israël
Paper flower II vase - Argot Studio, France

Dove II Vase - Argot Studio, France
Silo totem & silo totem ball - Lacueva Studio, Spain

 Two part plant pots - Marissa Masot, Spain

Twp parts plant pot - Mari Massot, Spain
Ceramic Pigtail - La Cueva Studio, Spain
Terrazzo pink candle holder 
Zig Zag vase - Fruto Estudio, Argentina
Small round tray terrazzo - Katie Gillies, UK
Woman body  & Tribe totem vase - Avi Ben Shoshan, Israel
Joli B gradient plant pot & Gradient vase - Marilyne Blais, Germany

    Every represented object in this project began its life in a mind of creator, crafted by hands of an artist. From different continents, countries and cities. Their creations meet in these digital tribute illustrations.

 Charlotte Taylor 
 Cool Machine Store
 Danil Tabacari 

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Bold shapes and colors - craft & art store illustration

Bold shapes and colors - craft & art store illustration

Danil Tabacari, 3D artist and motion designer, and Charlotte Taylor, interior set designer, wanted to portray the world of Cool Machine through t Read More