An experimental short film "PORTAL"​​​​​​​
This is my personal project created for learning and for exploring new creativity. Like the short films I've made so far, I love creating imaginary worlds, looking for moments of beauty and adding the illusion of light. This time, the logo of OTAS.TV, which is my artist logo, becomes the "portal" and after passing through it, we will travel to the unique world I imagined and created freely. I hope you enjoy it.

M A I N   V I S U A L


F R M E S​​​​​​​

MAKING OF​​​​​​​
Every time I make a short film, I try to learn new expressions, grow, and share what I learned. Since I value this cycle, I repeated studying and experimenting with various tools to achieve what I wanted to visualize. While feeling the growth each time I make it, there are still many new challenges and things I want to learn by the time it is completed. It's a never ending journey, but it's fascinating to me.

Detailed Process

Used octane displacement and animated textures for the portal

Used voronoi fracture / X-Particles, Turbulence FD and Krakatoa for making the explosion shot

X-Particles advection with Turbulence FD / There was another approach using Krakatoa (unused shot) 

Comp process for the universe shot and the UI screen moment

These liquids were generated with X-Particles and leaves were animated using simple rigs with dynamics

Her hair was designed with Ornatrix C4D / Eyes's iris were made with Cinema 4D hair

Light optical illusions using reflection / UI layout and animation system using MoGraph Multi Shader

Rigged dolphin / The wave was generated with X-Particles / Used some Kit Bashes and Topowire to build city

2017 Previz vs 2020 Final
I was making a previz of this film in 2017 for Maxon User Meeting in Tokyo to share some techniques. However, after the event, my main work continued for three years non-stop, so I'd been looking for a chance to restart this project. The end of May, this year, some projects were postponed due to the pandemic. So I decided to reboot and complete it in the meantime.

Over the past three years, CG software and hardware have evolved, and my skills have grown, so I am pleased that I was able to create things that I couldn't express in 2017. 

All the sound designs were produced by Yumetoki Suzuki. 
He composed the music for the 2017 version and also adjusted this year's final one. It is rare for both video and music to re-adjust the work after three years, and it is often impossible due to changes in the production environment. So I am very grateful that I was able to work with him again and that he was willing to adjust to the details many times to complete the film together.

Software & Assets used
After Effects / Premiere Pro / Illustrator / Photoshop / Sapphire / Particular / Form / Looks / Optical Flares / Lens care / RSMB
Cinema 4D / Octane Render / X-Particles / Turbulence FD / Krakatoa / HDRI Link / Signal / Ornatrix / Forester / Topowire
Megascans / KitBash 3D / CG Trader / 3D Scan Store / Evermotion / CGAxis / RocketStock /

Direction / Design / Animation : Takayuki [Taka] Sato
Sound Design / Music : Yumetoki Suzuki​​​​​​​