This project started off as an exploration of the relationship between food cravings and memories. Soon this project developed into a collection of recipes, stories and ways to create more memories. Within this collector’s box, it contains individual recipes along with stories submitted by the public printed on the back.
They represent that food can have meaningful stories behind it. This is a way of celebrating the memories of others while encouraging the audience to create memories of their own by using the recipes, spices, and camera to cook and record these moments.
'Feeding Memories' is a brand that encourages and celebrates memories created
by the bond of people and delicious foods.
Engraved 'Feeding Memories' logo into rose wood.
This box is made out of rose wood, with a detachable cutting board and as the lid for the box.
Hand crafted collector's box.
Here are seven different recipes. On the back of each, there is a story written by people about their own experiences and memories with that food. This concept is to convey that all foods create memories that we remember just by seeing, smelling, or eating that particular dish.
The box contains recipes, spices, a stack of mini shopping lists and a disposable camera to stress the importance of recording memories as they cook or eat with friends and families. This box is created as a collector's item for people to use and enjoy their time through cooking and eating.
Here is an example of the back of a recipe, containing the story. The title is a quote from within the story. 
The accordion fold makes it easy to fold and store away. It is also a great way to spread out the entire recipe and/or story to be viewed like a filmstrip.