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Defenders of the Galaxy: book cover & illustrations

"Defenders of the Galaxy": Power and Crisis in the Male World — is the third book by Tamara Martsenyuk and the second one that was illustrated by me. In this book author analyzes key points of the masculinity development and make a case of rights inequality for men.

This time it was important to keep some basic elements to create a series with previous book Why we shouldn't be afraid of feminism. That is why I repeated the two-color logic in illustration and created a hand-written lettering. The back cover has a similar layout and representation logic of the author's photo.

Also, here we only have 12 chapters instead of 15 as in the previous book, but these were more challenging, because I was working with the male body figure, which was new for me. ​​​​​​​
F I R S T  D R A F T S
C O V E R  S K E T C H
The important thing that we use a pantone, not a CMYK print for illustrations, so each image was split into three channels:
A U T H O R:  Tamara Martsenyuk
I L L U S T R A T O R:  Mari Kinovych
L A Y O U T  D E S I G N: Mykola Kovalchuk, Liubov Krasniuk
A D V I S O R: Oleg Marushchenko 
P R O J E C T  M A N A G E R: Oksana Plaksii
E D I T O R: Julia Pidmogylna
P R O O F R E A D E R: Julia Moroz 

Published by K O M O R A in cooperation
 Heinrich Böll Foundation Ukraine
Kyiv, 2020

Defenders of the Galaxy: book cover & illustrations

Defenders of the Galaxy: book cover & illustrations

The book cover and illustrations for Tamara Martsenyuk's new book about masculinity and men's studies.