Pixelord virtual concert
Pixelord Virtual Concert
Kusmos Live is an experimental project created by our team for the love of music and digital technology. We especially want to note that this time the circle of friends of the project has become wider. Collaboration with Pixelord and Hyperboloid.

What is Kusmos? The original Kuflex program was designed for music concerts. 
In 2018-2019 we used this technology in some common projects together with Sila Sveta studio on the Therr Maitz concert, Caprices 2018 techno festival, Nina Kraviz experimental performance at Coachella 2019. With the Kusmos system we capture the artist (via depth-sensors and a webcam) and transfer the resulting 3D-model into the digital scene, adding visual effects in real time. In the current situation when all events and music festivals are being cancelled around the world we decided to upgrade the program with some new effects and control functions online.

The virtual scene was built in Unreal Engine using custom functions and our own tracking software, which receives data from depth cameras to capture the musician's 3D model in real time.
VJ controlled virtual cameras and effects. Some parameters were tied to the amplitude of the sound, and the messages of the audience from the #Twitch chat were broadcast directly to the artist’s 3D world.
We want every musician to be able to turn his home performance into a vibrant tech show! We carefully listen to your ideas, comments and recommendations! Together, step by step, we are developing the Kusmos project and with your support we can turn it into a super tool!

Special thanks to beeple (mike winkelmann) for fantastic video textures. 

Kuflex website: http://kuflex.com

Thanks for watching!
Pixelord virtual concert