Visual Stream Architecture Panorama

Visual Stream 
Architecture Panorama

HSD University of Applied Sciences Düsseldorf presented in cooperation with VITRA and ETH Zurich an exhibition and performative stage installation at the BAU Munich 2019.

As an open workshop, the installation involved all visitors such as architects, industry partners, fabricators, students and other stakeholders at the construction trade fair. It opened a complex Architecture Panorama to the recipients.

Pertinent questions dealing with the “architecture of the future” open up new contexts in various cluster topics to communicate in strategic and disruptive way. Complementary and polarizing approaches join and coordinate the different contexts and invite the visitors to face new realities.

The project was rewarded with a Art Directors Club Bronze Nail.

The Framework 

Limited to a fixed budget, the challenge was to build the base of the construction with semi-finished products and basic material. The solution for the framework were scaffolding poles, completed with neon tubes and fabric panels, weaving through the construction. Elements like the huge storage box, back panels, shelves and clamps were manufactured out of medium-density fibreboards at the universities in-house workshop. ​​​​​​​

The Design 

The goal was to develop a strong visual language, revealing the boldness of the ten cluster topics of the installation. Detailed research and several typography experiments resulted in an independent graphic style, which gave the installation an overall edgy look.

Final outcome 

Thanks to vitra and ETH Zürich for sharing their profound research on the architecture of tomorrow, our cooperation partner Schüco International AG, who made the space available at the construction fair. The scaffolding was kindly sponsored by Layher GmbH and the neon tubes were provided by LEDlinear. Special thanks to everyone involved of HSD Peter Behrens School of Arts, especially to the helpful staff at the university workshop.
Idea and curation:
Raphael Gielgen — Trendscout Future of Work Vitra

Content and content curation:
Dr. Sonja Berthold — Principal at SPACECOUNCIL
Dietmar Leyk — Research Scenario Leader at the Future Cities Laboratory Singapore-ETH Centre

Project lead HSD Düsseldorf:
Prof. Laurent Lacour — Professor at Peter Behrens School of Arts, HSD Düsseldorf
Merlin Baum

Creative concept:
Pauline Gebauer, Ina Germer, Marina Jötten, Cheongla Kim

Project management:
Pauline Gebauer, Ina Germer, Sarah Soh

Technical realisation:
Alexander Mainusch, Clemens Müller

Creative realisation:
Max Boegge, Daniela Brauer, Isabell Derenthal, Victoria Ezrer, Pauline Gebauer, Daniel Gremme, Ina Germer, Marina Jötten, Cheongla Kim, Anne Ossenbühl, Isabel Paulini, Joelle Schonhoff, Sarah Soh, Florian Stolle

Media credits:
Max Boegge, Florian Stolle (Documentary, Photography & Film) Pauline Gebauer (Photography & Renderings)
Visual Stream Architecture Panorama

Visual Stream Architecture Panorama

The Visual Stream Architecture Panorama is an interactive installation shown at the construction trade fair BAU 2019 in Munich in cooperation wit Read More