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Boombarstick street art festival, Vodnjan, Croatia, 2013
Title in the bottom right: ''Kakva sreća, prelaziti ovu ljetnju rijeku, sandalama u ruci!'' / ''A summer river being crossed, how pleasing, with sandals in my hands!''
Yosa Buson, 18th century haiku poet
MUU street art festival, Dugave, Zagreb, Croatia, 2011
''Today a power station in Gajnice and poorly binded artist monograph book in 30 years'', Gajnice, Zagreb, Croatia, 2012
''Kraken'', Zagreb, 2010,
AKC Medika, Zagreb, 2013
 BL -Art, Banja Luka, Bosnia and Herzegovina, 2013
''Don't worry spiders
I keep house

Kobayashi Issa
Mural in Petrinjska street 40 in Zagreb, Croatia, 2013.
MUU-Museum Of Street Art, Zagreb, Croatia, 2013 
''Grandpa knew a guy that worked at Caritas who stashed the best clothes for us...'', MUU-Museum Of Street Art, Zagreb, Croatia, 2013
,,We played the game of war because it was healthy for us to be outside as much as possible...'', Lauba gallery, Zagreb, Croatia, 2013
S/T, Heillbron, Germany, 2014
S/T, Lauba, Zagreb, 2014
Škver festival, Island of Lošinj, 2014
Ekran ulice festival, Šibenik, Croatia, 2014
Ekran ulice festival, Šibenik, Croatia, 2014 (detail)
Medika, Zagreb, Croatia, 2014
Mural in Ljubljana, made with help of WTD Kino Šiška during a stay at Mjural Art Residency, February 2015
''Ima vremena...'' / ''There's time...'', mural in Rijeka , Croatia, 2015
Mural in Moscow, Russia, 2015
Done during the ''City in words'' public art festival