The Photography series "The Colour and The Shape" is not actually a series of photos, but is in actual fact a collection of various shoots!
For this project, it covers the full spectrum of all things photography from the motion blurs to the macro shots, the portraits, the grain and physical deterioration as a process for image making, still lifes, the landscapes.

It covers a whole range of cameras from a mobile phone, slr, digital compact and a microscope camera and has lots of inspirations, one of which being "Richard Billingham."

This project to me is very much a visual representation of what the title says, the colour and the shape in everything around us be that the fluid or solid shapes or the graduated or solid tones. 
It is as well a collection of photos that depict the last two years of my life even though I've always been an artist, it is very much a visual representation of when Art and Photography really got serious for me, and how Photography can be used both for documentation style work and also Fine Art based outcomes.
ABOVE- Cameraless Photograph for which I create these images and more focused ones are shown on the portfolio.
Vanishing Into The Light!
Thanks For Viewing The Colour and The Shape.