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    A series looking strongly at the relationship of colour and its purest form for Christmas 2013. Merry Christmas all!
The following series of film photos are the series "The Colour Orbs" and are a shoot that focus purely on the idea of colour, and the idea that the purest sense of colour is from the sense of illuminated colour.
So went on a night shoot in Manchester and photographed the Christmas lights and the Christmas market as I think that when the lights are put up at this time of the year, they're great to look at and is the best time of the year in Manchester.
I hope you like the unedited colour film photos in their purest form on this theme and would very much like to wish anyone who views this a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from Manchester!
So let there be light for
Christmas 2013
Missing Link (Light)
A momentary pause came from shooting the lights to capture the life from the market shown above and below and the people within it.
Above: An abstract from part of a film that didn't process.
Giorgio Armani advertisement
Guardian Angle
The Premier Inn in the image above to me adds to the subject matter as the sleeping crescent moon and the angle relate to the idea of peace and what is oftern said to children or may have been said to people as a child of "having a guardian angle watch over you whilst you sleep."
"Where there's light. There's life!"
James White