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Sanok Rubber - rebranding

SANOK RUBBER rebranding project

Client: Sanok Rubber
Agency: Clipatize

Established in 1932, Sanok Rubber has an outstanding legacy in manufacturing rubber elements for a whole list of industries: automotive, construction, pharmaceuticals, household appliances, and more. With this much history behind the brand, it was essential to approach the rebranding project with care and attention. While designing Sanok Rubber's new identity, we kept in mind what it stands for and how it wants to be perceived now and in many years to come. The design process itself was quite unconventional - but this is a case for another story.

The modern design with carefully crafted lettering and sleek colour scheme is something to carry the company into its future while paying respect to its long-standing tradition.  

Account Manager: Anna Pietrzak, Patrycja Rybak
Creative Director: Jan Kuczyński
Design/Illustrations: Piotr Rudkowski, Łukasz Gołędzinowski 
Animator: Piotr Rudkowski
UI: Kamil Kumpin
UX : Przemysław Pustelny 

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Sanok Rubber - rebranding

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Sanok Rubber - rebranding

Rebranding project for Sanok Rubber - modern design with carefully crafted lettering and sleek colour scheme. Heading towards future while paying Read More