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    I have created a chart to provide an insight on the various ways of copying to show that we all copy naturally.
We are constantly looking for originality in our works and consider it to be a taboo when one's work is similar to others' and degrade the individual as being uncreative. However, searching for originality causes designers to have various adverse effects such as being over protective of their work and this would interfere with their creative process and other aspiring designers around.
Therefore, instead of being flustered by the lack of originality, we should embrace influences around us and understand the act of copying.
The name of the project is called 'Copy with Love' and a logo was created to unify and give identity to the project. The chosen logo was inspired (copied from) by Milton Glaser's I Love New York logo.
The act of copying is a big umbrella that consists of variations of copying. Even though some copying methods are well known whilst some are not, everyone unconsciously commits the act. Therefore I have created a chart to provide an insight on the different ways of copying to show that we all copy naturally.