The LASALLE Show 2013 is a culmination of works from the Bachelor of Arts (Honours), Design Communication which showcases a variety of works and design issues from the various specialisms in
the programme namely Advertising Communication, Graphic Communication and Image communication.
The theme for this year's LASALLE showcase was based on the concept of gold and finding treasures
(a myriad of design works) in a gold mine. In addition, Since the class of 2013, Bachelor of Arts (Honours) Design Communication cohort is the first batch to ever attained the Goldsmiths University certification and awards. The show curators felt that it was perfect opportunity to wrap up a show in conjunction
to the college's new university partner. As well as to showcase each individual's work as a craftsmen of certain design issues, skills and creative thinking. 
Design Work by Beverly Tan
The Show Curators has also custom made wooden block name card holders for the Students and Industry Folks to place and drop their own name cards.
Identity icons were designed and used as a depiction of being a Craftsmen in the field of Advertising, Graphic and Image Communication. Each symbol holds a meaning that best reflects each of the specialisms tools of trade.
The symbol for Advertising Communication represents a fountain pen. It signifies that they are not only the advocators that will rule in the advertising world but they are also the witty copy writers of tomorrow. 
The symbol for Graphic Communication represents a pencil. This is because before embarking on a project, we felt that ideas and sketches are often drawn with a pencil. Thereafter, these sketches and ideas will be then converted digitally in a form of a vector illustration using a pen tool. 
The symbol for Image Communication represents a marker. This is because it is a common tool of trade among image communication students whenever they illustrate their lovely works out. 
The LASALLE Show '13, Design Communication Booklet, was put together by a group of aspiring designers and communicators for invited guests to The LASALLE Show 2013. This booklet consist of final year projects ranging from Advertising, Image and Graphic Communication. 
This booklet also serves as a catalog to individual students contact and project synopsis from the
class of 2013 in Bachelor of Arts (Honours), Design Communication.
The booklet can be viewed in the link provided below:
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