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Power Squared Spotlight on Marylyn and Jaelyn Glumace

My twins Marylyn and Jaelyn had their first table at a comic book convention at San Diego Comic Fest 2020, March 5-8. They sold their first paintings and got their first commission at the show. Below is an article that spotlighted them from PowersSquared


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Spotlight on Creative Twins
Twins Jaelyn (left) and Marilyn (right), both 12, show off some of their artwork.

Since we're driven by the creative energy of Paul and Trevor, identical twins, we want to spotlight other twins who are also creative. This month, we're happy to spotlight the Glumace twins, Marilyn and Jaelyn, twelve-year-old artists. Marilyn likes painting with acrylic and drawing with pencil and pen and Jaelyn's favorite medium is painting with acrylic and drawing/coloring with markers. Both girls' favorite comic book/show is the anime/manga Hetalia: Axis Powers.

We had met their father Sean at last year's San Diego Comic-Con, where he was a featured speaker on a panel we attended. Sean has been working in the comic book industry for the past 20 years as a letterer and designer for many of the major publishers and has been bringing his daughters with him to conventions for the past eight years.
There is nothing more exciting than making their first sale.

Convention veterans Marilyn and Jaelyn not only attended the recent San Diego Comic Fest, at the beginning of March, but they also had their own table. More than that, these young artists sold 7 pieces of their own art and even got a commission that they completed at the Fest. Their most exciting moment was when they sold their first painting (the photo with the man in the wheelchair) and were able to tell him the backstory of their work and how it was created. They hope to have tables at other upcoming conventions like WonderCon and San Diego Comic-Con.

We wish them great success in their artist careers. 

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Power Squared Spotlight on Marylyn and Jaelyn Glumace

Power Squared Spotlight on Marylyn and Jaelyn Glumace