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The Biggest Clean-up Movement of Ariel


The campaign is made for the launch of new product of Ariel, called Oxi. What we have to do is to highlight how Ariel Oxi removes stains, especially dried-in stains, in one wash. Rather than giving the message with ordinary detergent formulas, we decided to make it in a socially responsible way.
The idea came up from a real-time hot topic that occupied the agenda in Turkey, Istanbul: dirty forests!
We decided to create an Ariel team and start cleaning the forests by collecting garbage with a huge sheet. At the end of the day, the stains will be dried-in and we will be able to show how Ariel Oxi deals with dried-in stains.
The idea was supported with our events in places where garbage should be collected. People are invited to our activities via our social media communication and we made a huge cleaning movement.

Finally, the campaign has the best perform ever among all the creative Ariel works ever done for the Turkish market and hit the 1st place in its marketing history according to returning results.​​​​​​​

Advertising Agency: P&G ONE
Client: P&G ARIEL
Creative Director: Evren Dinler
Copywriter: Tuan Baykut
Art Director: Hasan Calp
Published: February, 2020

Ariel Oxi | Dünyanın Kirini Çıkaralım

Ariel Oxi | Dünyanın Kirini Çıkaralım

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