Display Typeface
Music is for me a universal form of bonding. Sounds and rhythms are in constant transformation around the world, contributing to –what I think– global brotherhood. Cumbia is a latin american music genre, born with the mix of African traditions and European instruments. It has been popular all around the continent since the beginning of XX century, as more and more variants emerge with the pass of time.
Multiple cumbieros have born in Monterrey, and have modified the style in their own ways, mixing it with reggae, ska and electronic music, coming up with amazing results. Give a try to Celso Piña for classic stuff or Toy Selectah for new melodies.

This is why I decided to produce Cumbe, a joyful display typeface. Is common for beginners like me to start with geometric and modular designs, Cumbe is constructed within a module system, but is not geometric per se. No circle or stem is equal to another, giving an organic feel to composed words. It is built with the intention to align letters by their center instead of the baseline, but manual positioning gives better results. 
Cumbe plays better with multiple colors, and serves as perfect partner for artwork like the one of Mario Gerth, which I'm using here to showcase it.
More than one version was developed for some letters, this way words have their own unique construction. Each of Cumbe's 73 glyphs were hand drawn and digitalized as homage to this endless rhythms that have accompanied me.
Wepa Wepa! Rush and listen cumbia. Buy a record. Download a song. Straem a video. Steal a mixtape. Whatever but listen it! You are late.
All photos belong to Mario Gerth, give a trip to his Flickr for more of his amazing work. Thanks again for your collaboration.For branding and other projects have a look at Suizopop