Queen Kong
This project started as an exercise for TypoLab: Experimental Typography Workshop organized by TocToc and celebrated in Monterrey, Mexico by Manolo Guerrero from BlueTypo and Cocijo Type.
The first step was to choose letters we would like to develop, so we chose K and G. Then, we needed to find a word/phrase that used this letters, that's how we came with King Kong. The exercise required to match the chosen phrase with the style of the glyphs, so after some sketching I concluded that a tall condensed typeface was needed, using as inspiration the visual style of the King Kong movie starred by Jack Black and the form of Art Deco typefaces.


Special thanks to Manolo Guerrero for his support and feedback. Adrian Marfil and Sofia Reynoso for their collaboration at the beginning of the process. And to Toc Toc for their will to expand design vision in Monterrey.