Guitar Design
In 2012 my husband was offered the opportunity to hand craft his own guitar, under the guidance of Johan van der Gaag in his studio ( Being Maori, and very proud of his cultural heritage, he decided to use only native New Zealand wood such as Kauri, Totara, Rimu, and Puriri. 
The family logo I designed reflected his Maori heritage using the common koru motif. The illustration for the guitar face was inspired by his Ta Moko design (tattoo) which also reflected his whakapapa (genealogy) and identity. 
The painted guitar case took a more abstract and combined approach by taking Maori designs and motifs to illustrate a musical symbol. The shape of the artwork is similar to that of a mere, or patu, which was a weapon used in combat by chiefs. It was highly respected and treasured by its owner, hence why I used the same shape to represent protection of a valuable item. Music features very strongly in his family, and I felt it important to portray this in my designs.