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Gourmandise Belgian Bakery
Gourmandise (n):
the appreciation or consumption of good food
Gourmandise is a (fictional) artisan Belgian bakery based in Wellington, New Zealand. The bakery prides itself on its traditional artisan craft bakery skills that produce mouth-watering Belgian delicacies. Their inviting and vibrant atmosphere with a contemporary twist provides customers with a slice of Belgium’s hospitable culture as well as their impeccable passion for quality food.  
A custom typeface was created as part of the branding to enhance the overall aesthetic of the bakery's image. Its stylistic features are somewhat plump, appe­tising, fun, friendly, and contemporary with a subtle resem­blance to piped icing. It was inspired by European pâtisserie cabinet signs and script fonts. Download it for free (see link at the end)  
Photography: Rebecca Watson 
Food Items: 
Panache French Bakery 
Gourmandise Belgian Bakery