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Lego Costumes - Lego Bride and Groom

Lego Costumes
Created for the New York City Halloween Parade, in 2007.

The Lego couple were created as a Lego Bride and Lego Groom - the wedding mini-fig couple if you will. Complete with veil, top hat, wedding suit and white gown!
One of the finished minifig heads, complete with eye-holes and lego 'bit' on top, for hair, hat and other accessories to snap on!
See the red-eye? That's us peeking through the tiny lego-eyes in the heads, it's like looking through binoculars the wrong way around.
from left to right: almost completed 'naked' top hat and veil, making the lego hands, lego-eyes in progress, cutting the bodies from vinyl, and the original sheets of styrofoam (just a few of the total) that went into the head-making process - great to carry in the windy corridor streets of NYC!
from left to right: fitting the fan (just a regular computer fan) into the head piece, testing the fit of the head (ha!), building up the head, and the almost-finished head after sanding - you can just see the fan in the top too!
We even made it into a movie! A friend was watching 'fat, sick and nearly dead' and nearly fell off her chair when she saw us in the clip above from the movie. Fame at last!
The 'groom' walking down a street in NYC, on the way to the halloween parade.
First dance in the parade as the 'married' lego couple.
haha... our tired faces say it all - those 4am nights up sanding and moulding styrofoam and vinyl aren't healthy!
Lego Costumes - Lego Bride and Groom

Lego Costumes - Lego Bride and Groom

Creating lego costumes for the NYC Halloween parade, out of vinyl and styrofoam.