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Wine Label: T'ga za Jug
The wine T'ga za Jug (Longing for the South) is named after an old poem (wriiten by Konstantin Miladinov) and is one of the most famous Macedonian red wines.
What’s interesting is that poets named this wine in 1973 since it was the official wine for the Poetry Evenings Festival in Struga, Macedonia.
The task was to redesign the old wine label by following the new strategy developed by McCann Belgrade's strategic team.  Also, the developed concept should be flexible enough in order to introduce a whole range of T'ga za Jug wines.

The new label is an evolution of the old design.

It is composed of two contrasting elements:
1. Black matte surface that holds the brand name as a central focus point
2. Diagonally placed foil-blocked surface which contains bits of the poem
The contrast of the black and the red surface creates an illusion as if a piece of the poem is placed behind the black label.
The lyrics are offset-printed over the red foil which creates an additional
tactile quality.

The whole T'ga za Jug range:
The color of the foil matches the type of wine.
I would also like to share one more proposal that I did for this brand.
As opposed to the first one, this concept does not have anything in common with the design of the old wine label.
The main element of this design is the drop created with a custom die-cut. It symbolizes teardrop, blood and wine at the same time. 
The typography is always white, and the background color of the label is used as a color device.
Creating additional experience: A hidden verse is placed at the peel-off foil which is revealed when someone opens the wine.
I developed this project at McCANN Beograd for the client Tikveš
Wine Label: T'ga za Jug

Wine Label: T'ga za Jug

Redesign of the wine label for "T'ga za Jug", one of the most famous Macedonian wines.