Domaine Lepovo is a premium Macedonian wine. The specific location of the vineyards create perfect conditions for the production of this high quality wine. The term ‘Domaine’ implies that the overall production process is carried out at the same location where the grapes are grown. 
The task was to create brand identity and wine label design which will reflect the uniqueness of the Lepovo site.
The brand identity of Domaine Lepovo starts with a mark that symbolizes the natural ‘ingredients’ responsible for the outstanding quality of this wine - sun, moon (night), water, soil and wind.
Different graphic elements were derived from the original mark that were later used for promotional and collateral materials.
Besides the regular label, a small quantity of custom-made labels have been produced which use a brush stroke made with a glass paint in order to create the curve.
The brush stroke tells the story of how much dedication went into creating this wine and acts as a unique signature for each bottle. 
Concept, Brand Development and Art Direction: Petar Pavlov
Strategy Development: Marija Stosic
New Business Manager: Milos Stankovic
Creative Director: Vladimir Cosic
Agency: McCann Beograd
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