Pilot Pen - Write, Erase, Write!
Pilot Pen - Write, Erase, Write 
After a first collaboration for the 100th anniversary of the brand in 2019 with Mika, we produced a new advertising film for Pilot with our director Lucas Zanotto. We wanted to give Pilot a strong and fresh look. The goal was to show the great write-erase feature of the pens. We have shown this by jumping between shots of a hand with a pilot pen and shots of a big set with people performing. The actors are running down staircases, sliding down a climbing rope and running through a tunnel. They are dressed tone in tone to symbolize the running ink of the pens.

Client. Pilot Pen
Agency. Nouveau Monde
Brand Director. Ken Schoellhammer
Art Director. Gilles Pinsonneaux
Copywriter. Bertrand Lepere
Consulting Director. Christine Brun
Account Manager. Laetitia Armand

Production Company. TROUBLEMAKERS
Director. Lucas Zanotto
Producer. James Hagger
Producer. Brice Passien
Production Assistant. Heloise Duquenoy
Director of Photography. Toby Howell
Post Production. TROUBLEMAKERS
Post Producer. Felipe Bernard
Post Production Supervisor. Alexandre Scalvino
Editor. Romain Boileau
Assistant Editor. Alexis Ghnassia
Nuke Compositor. Lise Fischer
Colorist. Romain Loiseau
Production Designer. Audrey Malecot

Service Production Ukrain. Family Production
Executive Producer. Nikita Bukowski
Line Producer. Tanya Kurmaz
1st Assistant Director. Andrew Morozov
Art Director. Anna Tavlinskaya
Casting Director. Alyona Kuleshova
Make-up Artist. Dasha Taivas
Stylist. Stas Ralko
Production Manager. Maksym Gordienko
Gaffer. Andriy Barsukov
Focus Puller. Kostya Ovcharenko
DIT & Playback. Lyosha Gonyaylo
Production Coordinator. Stas Prytula
Stunt. Igor Bershtadskiy
Stunt. Haydar Zajdov
Stunt. Alexander Zhmutskiy
Chaperone. Zoya Grabovska
Props Master. Slava Ukrainets
Head of Scenic Artists. Petr Kushpeta
Painter. Maria Korzhenevskaya
Crane Mechanic. Roman Filmotech
Light. Viktor Voloshin
Light. Roman Odinskiy
Light. Lesha Zbronzhko
Light. Artem Seriy
Light. Sergey Vishnevskiy
Light. Gena Molchanov
Scenic Artist. Prihodko Oleksiy
Scenic Artist. Anatoliy Pugach
Scenic Artist. Alexey Dankevich
Scenic Artist. Sergii Kravchenko
Scenic Artist. Alexandr Harchuk
Scenic Artist. Alexandr Kunenko
Scenic Artist. Alexandr Grinchenko
Scenic Artist. Sergii Usachenko
Scenic Artist. Cherniy Alexandr
Scenic Artist. Alexandr Savchenko
Scenic Artist. Maksim Prihodko
Scenic Artist. Vadim Ivanchenko
Scenic Artist. Sergii Laptev
Scenic Artist. Ruslan Romanchenko
Scenic Artist. Alexandr Zhekov

Actor (alpinist). Geman Cherednichenko
Actress (heroine). Alina Ugodnikova
Actress (girl). Sofiya Kovaleva
Dog. Ceasar

Music. Les Prod
Pilot Pen - Write, Erase, Write!

Pilot Pen - Write, Erase, Write!

After a first collaboration for the 100th anniversary of the brand in 2019 with Mika, we produced a new advertising film for Pilot with our direc Read More


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