Euphytose Nuit - Rituels

Euphytose Nuit - Rituels
Euphytose Rituels is new film produced by Troublemakers and directed by Luca & Sinem with the agency Wunderman Thompson. The film is a mix of 3D animation for all the backgrounds and 2D animation for the characters. The directing duo take us into a warm and comforting universe through a warm and colorful style. We are introduced to the wellness routine of several young active women before going to bed in order to get a good night’s sleep. They all have the same rituel, drink a cup of Euphytose Nuit to infuse before going to dream land. 


Client: Euphytose Nuit
Agency: Wunderman Thompson
Creative Director: Thomas Derouault
Artistic Director: Florian Amoneau
Copywriter: Thomas Blanc
TV Prod: Fanny Renard

Production Company : TROUBLEMAKERS
Directors : Luca & Sinem
Executive Producer : James Hagger
Executive Producer : Felipe Bernard
Production Assistant : Sara Rimbault
Illustration : Gabriella Bianca, Luca & Sinem
Layout & 3D Animation : Romuald Caudroit
3D Modeling : Alexandre Scalvino 
Texturing, lighting & rendering : Alexandre Scalvino 
2D characters animation : Diane Tran-Duc
2D FX : Florent Tailhades
Compositing Nuke : Lise Fischer
Euphytose Nuit - Rituels